Holloway Mill?

Holloway Sawmill

Does this look familiar to any of my Halfway Brook readers?

Austin Smith, the Highland Historian, mentioned it as the mill on the route from Barryville to Eldred. I find it curious that it is called the Holloway Sawmill when I have not seen that surname in Eldred in my research.

I wonder if somehow Halfway Brook morphed to Holloway in the postcard caption.

In random connections: my youngest’s wife’s maiden name is Holloway; and my husband’s baby photo (taken at a Studio in CA, 2,500 miles from my birthplace in western NY) has Austin printed on the lower right corner.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Louise, Someone told me that this mill was on the road that linked Barryville and Eldred and was on Halfway Brook. Cynthia

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