Early 1881 Winter

Mort’s brother Lon (Albert Alonzo) who was out west in 1881. Photo courtesy of Kathy T.

Mort Austin, Eldred, to Lon Austin, Winter, early 1881
Dear Brother Lon,
I begin to think you have forgotten me or are enamored with some nice young lady. I got tired waiting for you to answer my letter, so I will write a few lines.

Father is gone down to Canfield’s to spend the evening.

Scarlet fever is around here. There has 5 been killed with it. The teacher has stopped his school. I am sorry for I want to learn all I could this winter. I like the teacher first rate.

This winter has been the hardest in 25 years. The snow is 3 feet deep and it was outrageous cold yesterday.

Today is the first warm day we have had in 12 weeks. I wish it was spring so I can get away from here. It is getting late. I am getting tired. I must go. Much love to you all. Write soon. Ever your brother, Charles M. Austin

Scarlet Fever at Barryville
The district school at Barryville has been closed on account of the Scarlet Fever. There has been four deaths in that place from it, three of them were members of the school. The first was Mina Cortright, 16 years of age, who had just won a prize of $10 for the best attendance scholarship and deportment.

The teacher and scholars attended the funeral on the 2nd and the next night Lizzie, daughter of Jacob Beck, aged 7 years died, and she was not buried when Herbert, youngest son of Hon. S. St. John Gardner, died.—Republican Watchman, December 17, 1880.

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