Sarah and Hannah Noble

Sarah Noble married Titus Hinman Jr.

“Ancient Woodbury” and Southbury, Connecticut
As I have researched “Ancient Woodbury,” Connecticut, the home of the ancestors of Asa and Esther Hinman Hickok (who arrived in Lumberland in 1811), I have run across several familiar names.

Southbury was one of the towns taken out of the original area called Woodbury; just as there were several towns taken out of what was Lumberland in 1798.

Leavenworth and Stiles
John Leavenworth of Southbury during the Revolutionary War was probably the grandfather of my ancestor Sherman B. Leavenworth who lived in (Halfway Brook/Eldred) Lumberland by 1835.

John Leavenworth’s granddaughter Harriet Stiles was mentioned several times in the 1815 Diary of Julia Smith (of the Smith Sisters), when Julia visited her grandmother Abigail Johnson Hickok Mitchel in Southbury.

Sarah Noble Hinman
Some thirteen miles east of Woodbury is New Milford, Connecticut, the location of the Alice Dalgliesh’s delightful story, The Courage of Sarah Noble.

Sarah Noble married Esther’s great-uncle Titus Hinman Jr., who lived at Bullitt Hill Brook in Woodbury, on a farm given him by his father.

Hannah Noble Johnson
Sarah’s sister Hannah Noble married Solomon Johnson. Solomon and Hannah’s daughter Abigail Johnson married David Hickok (brother of Asa Hickok).

So Hannah Noble Johnson was the grandmother of Hannah Haddassah Hickok Smith, mother of the amazing Smith sisters. And in 1815, it was Hannah Noble Johnson’s daughter Abigail who Julia Smith visited in Southbury.

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