February 1931

February 1931
Sunday, February 1, was a busy day. Ella [Leavenworth] sold Lottie Meyers 1-1/2 quarts of milk. Kate Love was there in the afternoon and Garfield gave music lessons in the afternoon and evening.

Thursday Anna went to school, but not Jim as the schoolhouse was too cold.

A few days later, Clara went to work for Aunt Lizzie Wilson. Anna went to Beach Lake with the basketball team the day before Valentine’s Day.

Thursday evening, February 19, was a house full of company—Grant Sergeant, Billy Meyers, and the Wolff brothers.

Ella thought the last week of February felt like spring. She sent in an order for 100 chicks to arrive in May.

Though the weather was clear and felt like spring to Ella, Grant and Clara skied over at Alvah Sergeant’s. Clinton was working; Anna and Jim were in school. Bill Meyers Sr. helped Garfield with his Ford engine.

At the end of the month, Mr. Elijah Moore (a carpenter at the Boy Scout Camp) had dinner with the Leavenworths.

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