February 1933

1907 postcard showing ice on the Delaware River in Hancock.

February 1933
On Friday, February 3, Jennie Austin spent the day with Ella.

The following Tuesday Clara and Anna went to town to get slab bacon from Claude Angell, the butcher. It cost $1.59.

Thursday night 12 inches of snow fell. Mid-February Lawrence Crandall was in an auto accident. He died the next day.

Lawrence Crandall had run Cold Spring Farm with his wife Matilda. The Leavenworth men went to Larry Crandall’s funeral.

The next day Austin Smith was at the Leavenworth’s for his violin lesson.

Saturday Lynn and Mildred Hill Myers were at Garfield and Ella’s for the evening. Clinton went to visit the Wolff’s.

The last day of February, Garfield got a piece of sawdust in his eye.

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