February 1936

Irwin Briggs often visited Garfield and Ella. Sometimes his family went with him. The Briggs Family Band: Irwin, Laura, Mildred, Mary, Myrtle, and Johnny with the trombone. Irwin’s homemade “cello” is in the right hand corner.

February 1936
Sunday, February 2, Ella went to Highland Lake with Clinton to see her aunt Jennie Hull. Jim went to see Mort and Jennie Austin.

Wednesday Ella wrote, “Clinton went to town. Bill was here in the evening. Blizzards out west.” Thursday Clinton drove his aunt Jennie Hull to spend the afternoon with his mom, Ella. Friday Clinton snow plowed for the County, widening the roads.

Sunday, February 16, Jim went to the Austin’s for dinner. Austin Smith stopped by with an old violin (he had gotten from Mr. MacIntyre) for Garfield to fix on Thursday.

Sunday, February 23, Dr. Gutfruend was called to check on Anna who was sick.

Friday, Mr. Briggs and the Austins were at the Leavenworth home. Mr. Briggs bought a cello for $11. Saturday was leap day. Mr. Briggs and his son John were at the Leavenworths all afternoon.

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