March 13, 1863

“Siege of Vicksburg: Assault on Fort Hill” by Thure de Thulstrup, 1883. Intense fighting between Union and Confederate forces on June 25th, 1863, at Fort Hill. John C. Pemberton’s Army of Vicksburg were able to stop the assault of Union Forces which lasted 26 hours.

Port Royal,
South Carolina

Dear Brother Atwell,
In answer to yours of Feb. 22. I am glad to hear that you are all enjoying good health.

We have just come in from a drill that is new to us. It is to embark in surf boats off of the transports and land anywhere along the seashore, whether under the fire of the enemy or not. We did it good for ones that are calculated to be green hands at the business.

The surf boats will hold from 30 to 50 men. We started at 11 o’clock a.m. and got back to camp at 5 o’clock p.m. We expect to have to drill it more before we leave here before long.

You say there was a surprise party at our house. What kind of a party is a surprise party? Write who all was there.

I seen one of the Monitors today. I do not care much how soon we leave here. I will soon have two years of my time in.

We hear here that there has been certain propositions about drafting being made up north. If so, I suppose it stirs up the minds of the cowboys to the highest pitch of excitement.

Write how Isaac Bradley gets along. Write if you hear how James Sergeant likes soldiering.

We expect to hear of some fighting up towards Richmond soon. We heard that we were to go back to Virginia from another report. We heard that we were to wait here till spring time set in, then attack Charleston or Savannah.

Coe and Miller is well. It is purty warm here. The sun, when it rises and sets, looks just as it does in Indian summer. We are to get fresh bread today. We have not had it only once or twice since we left Newberg. The sand drifts like snow down here.

We hear the reports of heavy artillery off towards Savannah once in a while.
S.S. Leavenworth

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