March 1927

R.B. Collins, Madison, N.J., to Mort Austin, Eldred
March 9, 1927
Dear Mort,
How are all you dear folks? You like myself are getting to be an old man, I will be 87 in July next and you can’t be far behind.

I had a letter from Tom’s wife Emma Kelso, saying that she thought of going up to Eldred this summer, just for a change of climate. She thought it would do her a lot of good to breathe again the sweet, strong, healthy air of that dear old place.

I have not been up to the nice old place for some time. Dear old Eldred, I shall never forget the years I spent there, and the acquaintances I made there. I often think of the services in the old church. That was long ago.

I left Eldred in the Spring of 1862—during the Civil War, for New Jersey, to begin my life work as a Methodist Preacher, and for 37 years I faithfully and joyfully tried to do my work and I had good success. Then my voice failed me, and I had to stop. I have been living with my dear daughter [Bertha Noe] and her husband in a delightful home among the roses.

Remember me to all the members of your family who still live and I loved. Best wishes, R.B. Collins

Robert Collins’ sister-in-law Emma wrote to Mort’s brother Lon regarding her home and cows on Collins Road, not far from the Herman Bosch residence.

Emma K. Collins, Tenafly, N.J., to Lon Austin, Eldred
March 18, 1927
Dear Friend,
Thank you for taking my cattle for a while. We hear the roads are very bad, so I am afraid to risk sending a moving van full of furniture up until later, for fear they should get stuck in the road in front of my place.

The same man that brought the cows down is going to take them back. Be careful of the cows. Feed them well—they will be pretty well shaken after the long ride.

Now Lon, about the second week in April, I would like you to open up the house and have Herman Bosch fix the pump in the kitchen. I will settle all bills with you when I get there. I am feeling better, but am not real well yet.

Hope this finds you and Aida well. With kind regards. Your friend, Emma K. Collins

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