Barryville School House

Postcard of the Barryville Schoolhouse in Aida Austin’s photograph album.

Barryville Schoolhouse Postcard in Aida Austin’s photo album.

In 1867 a one-roomed school house was built in Barryville. Behind the school house were falls known at one time as Fish Cabin Falls. Grades one through eight were taught there from 1867 until 1949. The building is still in use, but not as a school.—The Mill on Halfway Brook, p. 136 and 137.

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2 Responses to Barryville School House

  1. Nancy Lee Vonderhorst says:

    My understanding is that Fish Cabin Falls is at the Eastern end of Pond Eddy, NY. People who live here in Pond Eddy speak of it all the time. I have not had the opportunity to go there.

  2. Mary A. says:

    I went to school there, from Grades 3 through 8. We played Dog and Deer up behind the school. Large rocks were our free territory when we were the deer and a dog was chasing us.

    In winter we sleigh rode down the steep hill. You had to be careful though as you could run right into the school, as there was very little room between the bottom of the hill and the school house.

    Grades were divided in 2 rooms: grades 1-4 in one room and grades 5-8 in a second room. I had very good teachers! Miss Wyncoop: 3 and 4. Then Clarence Crispell: 5-7. Mr. Stewart was 8th grade.

    But no where near the back of that school could I believe or remember any falls of any kind, nor do I think that there was any room for them. As I remember, it was solid trees and very huge rocks! I hope some one will clear this up for me.

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