1907 Mott Street, New York City

Mott Street where C. Soule Bok lived. Postcard in Aida Austin’s Photograph Book.

This is the color postcard of Mott Street where C.S. Bok, a friend of my grandfather Mort Austin lived.

Grandfather Austin met C.S. Bok at Centenary Collegiate Institute (Hackettstown, NJ) in 1891.

1327 Fifth Ave., New York, Sept. 5, 1896
My dear Mort,

I send you today some new tea which I think will meet the taste of most of the American people, so I want you to try it to see whether your opinion is coincident with mine. Though it is a better tea than those we had had, yet I can get this at the same price.

I also sent you some Chinese Lichee nuts and some sweet meat that you may have something to entertain the people in the house.

Next Tuesday, I shall go home, that is to East Orange, New Jersey, to stay over night with my people, whom you saw in the 14th St., the time when you were with me.

Then I shall go on the next day to Hackettstown with my friend Vincent. How I wish that you can arrange to go too, that we may have a good old time together in CCI [Centenary Collegiate Institute.] for two or three days. I may go to Orange to live after my return from H’town. Remember me to Mr. Boyd.

Your old friend,
C. Soule Bok

C.S. Bok letter March 11, 1899

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