Hickok Gravesite & Questions

Hickok Grave in the Eldred Cemetery. Photo courtesy of CLB.
Hickok Grave in the Eldred Cemetery. Photo courtesy of CLB.

Do any of my Halfway Brook readers know the first names of the Hickok family members buried in this enclosure in the Old Eldred Cemetery.

On the “New Book” tab above, I have listed names of families who at one time lived in Woodbury, Connecticut who are a part of my new book. I am in search of family stories from the 1700s or even 1600s.

I think I have mentioned this before, but both the Hickok family and later the Leavenworth family who settled in Lumberland (later Highland) lived in Woodbury, Connecticut, before 1700.

I think John Leavenworth the miller during the Revolutionary War was the grandfather of Sherman Buckley Leavenworth. But I can not match John’s wife or parents with any of the names I found.

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  1. Louise Smith says:

    A special thank you to those who helped to find answers to my question on this post. The plot seems to be that of William Hickok and his wife Almeda Drake. William was the son of Justus and Mary Wells Hickok.

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