Highland Lake Bible Conference Group

Highland Lake Bible Conference. In back row on right, near second tree in, Mildredand Laura Briggs, unknown, Mary Briggs. front row, four from right, John Briggs.
Highland Lake Bible Conference. In back row on right, near second tree in, Mildred and Laura Briggs, unknown, Mary Briggs. front row, four from right, John Briggs.

The Highland Lake Bible Conference formed by Merle Fuller in September 1944, included Myers’ Lake View and Asendorf’s Highland Lake Inn.
Highland Lake Bible Conference Organized, 1944

Lake View House for Sale mid-1940s
Lake View, Highland Lake, N.Y.
Fifty-five acres of ground, more or less, with riparian rights to middle of Lake.

Hotel contains 47 sleeping rooms all furnished, two parlors, large dining room, three kitchens, two large lavatories, Chef Gas Range in kitchen, large Frigidaire room.

Laundry complete with electric washer, ironer, and help lavatory. All kitchen utensils, china, silver, electric coffee urn, linens for both dining room and bedrooms complete. Shower room, separate heating device for same.

Office complete with two desks, safe, National Cash Register, two show cases for display of cigars, candy, etc.

Barn contains four help sleeping rooms overhead.

Grill room complete, ladies and gents lavatories and wash rooms, office; Grill kitchen fully equipped with all necessary utensils, Frigidaire, gas range, dishes and silverware complete.

A cottage containing eight rooms, two baths, hot and cold water, furnace in cellar, fully furnished, large porch. Artesian well 175 feet deep.

For sale, including everything with the exception of personal belongings. Price $30,000.00

Phone: Barryville 2708.—Farewell to Eldred, p. 323.

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6 Responses to Highland Lake Bible Conference Group

  1. Robert Smith says:

    I went to HLBC each summer with our Baptist Church group from New Monmouth, NJ for 2 weeks,
    from 1961-1966. These were some of the best times particularly the early morning service walk around the lake.

  2. Ken O'Donnell says:

    My mother, Shirley Ann LaFlam, attended H.L. bible conference in 1945 with her friend Patricia Hamilton. I just learned this going through old photos.

  3. David Gill says:

    I worked at the Bible conference in the summer of 1958. I was the barn boy.

    My day started at 5:00 am. The cows had to be milked. The stalls cleaned and the chickens fed.

    I spent most of the summer on the tractor, mowing, hauling water to the chickens, taking the garbage from the kitchen and spreading it on the compost pile. Painted the steeple on the Tabernacle. Helped pour the concrete foundation for the bakery.

    Got into trouble for taking a break one afternoon. I sat down under a tree and a young Lady sat down on the other side of the tree. That was a major crime. We were seen by one of the staff counselors. She was sent to the Laundry for a week and I was sent to the Kitchen to scrub pots and pans as punishment for a week.

    That was the best week I had all summer. Never missed a meal, I had time off between meals. I could attend service. I even got to sleep an extra hour. That was a great summer. I would not have changed it for anything. It is now one of my fondest memories.

  4. James A. Dunlap says:

    I worked at HLBC three summers–1970, 72; 73. Almost all of us on “Staff” came from churches in the northern New Jersey and Long Island area. For the most part a wonderful experience.

    Each summer there were about 25 guys and 30 girls, most of us teenagers were still in junior high and high school.

    Ah, the memories…the sawdust flooring in the Tabernacle, campfire sing alongs, learning to grow in the Lord, mass walks around the lake at night, swimming and water skiing, Sadie Hawkins Day, followed by the annual banquet, etc., etc.

    I’ve often wanted to go back for a visit but didn’t and now I regret that. What has become of the place?

  5. David Heyns says:

    I worked at the camp for two summers (79 and 80, I think) If anyone can remember any names from those two years please post them.

    John Hickman was a friend of mine from there.

    My memory is fading but the Google map still shows the girls’ dorm and the snake bar (probably someones house by now). I think I will visit. Dave Heyns

  6. Denise Greco says:

    I remember being at Highland Lake Bible Conference for three summers—they were the best summers of my life!

    I remember hanging around in Lakeview and going to the Snack Shop. Living in the Barn and singing in the Choir. Those were the days!

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