December 1933

Ice Skating into the New Year. Old postcard in Austin Collection.
Ice Skating into the New Year. Old postcard in Austin Collection.

December 1933 in Eldred
December was a month for skating, visiting, and getting ready for Christmas. Jim and Anna skated on Bosch Pond.

Laura McBride stopped and visited with Ella. Clinton and Ella visited with her stepmother Anna at Highland Lake. Ella also mailed a Christmas box to her sister Hazel. Garfield fixed a viola.

Austin Smith, Jim, and Garfield went to at least three Christmas Program practices in Barryville. The program took place at the Methodist Church three days before Christmas.

Two days before Christmas the Leavenworths trimmed their tree which Clinton had brought home. Anna and Jim went to the cemetery and put wreaths on graves.

Christmas Eve afternoon, the Sergeants visited. Bill Meyers was there for dinner. The family opened their presents.

The Leavenworths feasted on a 22-1/2 pound turkey for Christmas dinner.

Garfield gave Bertram his first mandolin lesson the day after Christmas. Thursday, December 28, it was 14 degrees below zero. It warmed up to six degrees below by four on Friday afternoon.

And it was time for a new year. Ella mentioned Garfield working for the TCWA in her diary. The organization seems to be related to the construction jobs created by the CWA (Civil Works Administration) in November 1933.

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