December 1932

Two of the violins Garfield made. Photo courtesy of Cynthia.
Garfield played violin and also made violins. Two of the violins Garfield made. Photo courtesy of Cynthia.

November 1932

December 1932
The first snow of the season fell on Saturday, December 10.

Thursday Garfield and Jim went to the Christmas program practice at the Methodist Church. Friday night it was 12 degrees below 0. Jim was sick with an earache and Clara sat up all night to the keep fires going.

Garfield played violin at the Hall for the Library, Saturday, December 17. Monday and Tuesday evenings Garfield was at the church for practice.

Jim was still sick Tuesday and the doctor was called for three times. Wednesday Jim was better.

Thursday Clinton and Bill Meyers went to get a Christmas tree for the Leavenworths.

Friday, two days before Christmas, Clinton and Bill Meyers took Clara and Anna to have their teeth pulled. Clara had six removed and Anna two. Garfield played for the Methodist Christmas program in the evening. Poor Anna was sick all night.

Christmas Eve day Clinton took a turkey and other food to his grandfather Frank Sergeant.

Christmas was not that much fun for Jim who was “miserable yet” and Anna as her jaw still ached. It was such a warm day that they let the fires out for about three hours.

Jim and Anna were some better the day after Christmas, but “still miserable with ears and jaw.”

The last day of the year Bill Meyers Jr. stayed late at the Leavenworth home listening to the radio. (And maybe enjoying Anna’s friendship?)

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  1. Cynthia says:

    As you can see, these violins are not in the best condition. They were found in my grandfather’s attic many years after his passing. They appear to be in various stages of disrepair.

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