January 1934

The Briggs Family would arrive in Barryville, in the Spring of 1934. Mary Briggs would walk past the old grist mill on the way to the Barryville Schoolhouse. Aida Austin Collection.

1934 January at the Leavenworths
Monday, the first day of January 1934, Garfield started work on some roads for the TCWA and continued into February. Howard Stevens was in charge of the project. Garfield was paid “his first $15 for road work” a week later.

Two bad accidents happened in January. Ed Crail, a boarder at Lou Kelley’s, had a terrible gun accident while hunting. Clinton Leavenworth, Morgan Sergeant and his family, Lou Kelley, and Bill Meyers visited Ed Crail in the Port Jervis Hospital.

Alice Sergeant Hill (Ella’s aunt) smashed her new car into a tree on the road between the Leavenworth home and Eldred.

The last day of January, Mary Kyte Wormuth and Cleta Myers Horton called at the Leavenworth home. Austin Smith was there at some point for his lesson.

February and March 1934

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  1. Louise Smith says:

    Yes, Howard was Teenie’s father.

  2. Matt Schroedel says:

    Howard Stevens is mentioned. Was he Teenie Myers’ father?

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