January 1933

Herman Bosch and others cutting and harvesting ice blocks on Bosch Pond. Others in the community skated on the pond including my dad and his Leavenworth cousins. Photo courtesy of the Bosch Family.

January 1933 at the Leavenworths

Friday, January 6, Garfield played at the Hall for Dr. Smith’s send off.

Monday Austin and Dorothy Smith were at the Leavenworth’s for the evening.

Mid-January Anna and Jim skated on Bosch’s Pond. Anna also skated on Highland Lake. The men hunted rabbits, but no luck.

Jim didn’t make it to school the day it started. He fell in the brook and had to go home.

Friday, January 20, Clinton took Aunt Lou Kelley to see her sister Unita who was very sick. Monday evening Unita’s daughters were at the Leavenworth home.

Narrowsburg Lumber’s New Store
The Narrowsburg Lumber Company in Narrowsburg opened a retail store in Shohola, in 1933. It was located by the Shohola Railway Depot and made for easy delivery of building materials from Canada and western U.S.

February 1933

March 1933

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