September 1941

 Early 1950s view of Eldred Congregational Church and old School in the background. When Aida and Lon went to town, they would see these buildings on their left as they got close to Eldred’s Four Corners. Photo courtesy of CSM.

Early 1950s view of Eldred Congregational Church and old School in the background. When Aida and Lon went to town, they would see these buildings on their left as they got close to Eldred’s Four Corners. Photo courtesy of CSM.

September 1941
Monday, September 1, was Labor Day. Art was at the old Austin farm for quite a while in the morning.

Tuesday morning Aida was once again at the A&P. In the afternoon her niece Lillie stopped by for a few minutes. On the west side of Eldred, Garfield continued working on the porch floor he had started.

Wednesday Arthur was on his way home from work when he saw his uncle Lon who had just bought some ice cream at one of the grocery stores. Art drove his uncle home. Then the two of them went to Aida’s, and all three (like true Austins) ate the ice cream.

Arthur and Aida talked a few minutes about an Algebra problem, then he went on home to Alfred and Bessie Hill’s where he boarded, or soon would.

Thursday noon Aida was at the A&P. Lon asked his nephew Bill (who hadn’t gone to work because it was so rainy) to give him a ride to Yulan.

Saturday morning in Eldred, Aida stopped at Lizzie Wilson’s on her way to the A&P. One of the boarders from the Rothman House accompanied Aida on her way home.

Sunday, September 7, Dr. Austin and Herman Bosch were in to see Aida after Lon went to church.

Monday Lon ate dinner at the County House with a minister’s organization. When he got back, Arthur drove him to his brother Bill’s and then back home.

It was terribly warm on Wednesday. Hopefully the butter Lon bought (along with some bread) at the A&P, did not melt on his way home.

On the west side of Eldred, it was canning time again for Ella. Thursday she canned 51 quarts of plums and 7 quarts of cauliflower. Garfield took some buttermilk to Doc Gutfruend. Friday and Saturday Garfield worked on 
the stables.

Mrs. Winter called on Aida Friday afternoon. Young Herman Bosch dropped by to get the mower.

Saturday morning Aida was down to the A&P. Her great-niece Melva stopped to see Aida in late afternoon. Herman and his son Robbie were cutting hay.

Sunday, September 14, Melva and one of Fred Morgan’s girls visited Aida a little while after Sunday School at the Congregational Church where their mother went.

Monday morning Aida was once again at the Post Office and A&P. Later Ernest Horton stopped by her place to see if she and Lon had any pears.

Tuesday morning Lon went to Bessie’s for milk. Aida washed on Tuesday. Arthur was over late afternoon for one of 
his books.

Tuesday, September 16, Arthur Austin was classed 1H by the Selective Service board.

Wednesday and Thursday Lon cut some wood in the woods.

Thursday morning Aida saw Mrs. Winter, Jennie Crandall, and Mrs. Lewis in the Post Office. After work, Arthur dropped off some papers for Lon.

“It is about eight o’clock now and the northern lights are flashing in the sky,” Aida jotted in her diary that night.

Friday after the church prayer meeting, there was a rehearsal for Ruth Parker and Harold Frint’s wedding which was the next day. Arthur drove Lon home after the meeting, then went back to lock the church after the wedding rehearsal.

Saturday Herman Jr. took a small load of wood over to the Austin siblings. Lon went down early in the evening to open the church for the wedding.

Sunday, September 21, church was at the Methodist in the morning. Arthur was in the Village and gave Lon a lift home.

Monday Lon went to the A&P for bread. Tuesday Lon went to the Village to see Harry Wormuth about a load of wood for the church. Herman Jr. and a friend took a load of wood to the Austin’s in the afternoon.

Tuesday in west Eldred Garfield worked on his daughter Clara’s porch.

Thursday morning Aida went to Andrew’s and the A&P. In the afternoon Mae Parker and the newlyweds, Ruth and Harold K. Frint, and his little girl, called on Aida.

Thursday on the west side of Eldred, Ella canned 23 quarts of sauerkraut.

Thursday night Harry Wormuth’s mill burned.

Sunday Ernie Horton stopped by Aida’s in the afternoon to see if Lon and Aida would go to the Republican caucus on Monday.

Sunday night Arthur drove Lon home. Lon Austin wrote a short note to his brother Ell.

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