Green Meadows‘ Activities

Green Meadows fawn in the kitchen.

A trip down nostalgia lane with a few more photos of activities and people enjoying their time at Green Meadows.

Thank you to Diane Pankow, for sharing the photos.

One summer a dog chased a fawn to Green Meadows, where it spent the summer—until the game warden said otherwise.

Baseball at Green Meadows
Mini golf, shuffleboard, BBQ pit. Behind that the golf area became the horseshoe area.
Outdoor movies.
Playing ping-pong outdoors.


Green Meadow Kitchen.
Green Meadows Kitchen.
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  1. Matt Schroedel says:

    I wonder if the year-round residents of Highland at that time knew how blessed we were to have all the boarding houses.

    Lots of us were gainfully employed during the summer. And a lot of good memories as well.

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