Robinson, Illinois, Febrary 6, 1918

This is one of the Lone Scout letters written to my uncle McKinley (Mac) Austin in 1918.

Robinson, Illinois, February 6, 1918
Dear Mac,
Well, you did indeed answer that horrid, horrid letter. I hope you tore it up.

Today in algebra class, Mr. Hedden threatened to throw me out of the window because I never exercised my cerebrum getting three pages of algebra problems. Daddy says I am the leader of Mischief Makers in this town. But I just can’t help it.

The other day, one of the Seniors dared me to put a torpedo or something under the Professor’s chair and I did. I always take a dare, though I shouldn’t.

The result was that he (the professor) caught his trousers on fire and Sidney Beans, the boy who dared me to put it under there, burnt his trousers trying to save the professor.

Sidney ruined his trousers and also played part of hero so therefore, though he has about a dozen suits, a different one every day almost, the high school gave him money enough for a good pair of trouser, he bought a real cheap pair, black and white checked, and kept the rest of the money.

He certainly is a joke. He always wears these particular trousers to this class. He is a peck of fun.

Miss Taylor, my sewing teacher said that if they advertised for the most mischievous girl, she certainly would name me. I try to be good, but It’s almost impossible.

Daddy bought my sister a new “Super Hudson” for her birthday. She is just learning to drive it. I don’t think I shall learn. I don’t care much for machines. Too many accidents. Daddy has a Cadillac. I think they are fun.

Well, I think I had better close and get to work on my algebra or Mr. Hedden will mop the floor up with me. Also I have my French to get, but Marie, my sister’s maid is French and she helps me or at least tries to.

Lots of love, As ever, Maple G. Thompson
Please send some soldier boys addresses. My girl friends want some.

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