Eldred News, February 17, 1919

Tri-States Union, Port Jervis Newspaper

Eldred February 1, 19197
It is a raw, cold day, so different from the spring weather of last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Clark came in town to spend Sunday with her parents last Saturday. They found plenty of mud on their way here in their car.

There was some excitement Tuesday evening over the law suit at Justice Eldred’s. Even the ladies turned out. Barryville was well represented as both parties resided in that place.

Mr. John Love lost one of his horses of paralysis. His mate is all right again and is being worked today.

Mr. A.T. Sergeant is slowly recovering from his severe illness.

Mr. Alvin Hill is getting better slowly. He does not like the “flu.”

Mrs. Web Labarr has been confined to the house for a few days.

Mr. N.B. Myers was hit by a limb on the knee in the woods the other day and has not been able to work since.

Mrs. M. Hoatson was ill a few days last week with Neuralgia. She is staying with Mrs. C.W. Wilson.

The singing class will meet Wednesday evening in Sunshine Hall. All are invited.

The Union Sunday School is steadily growing. We hope all in the village will join.

Rev. Mr. Fletcher held services in the Congregational Church Sunday evening. He sang a beautiful solo, which was enjoyed by all.

There will be a lecture in Sunshine Hall on Friday evening by Rev. Mr. Watters, of Post Jervis. He comes well recommended, and we hope all will go and hear him.

The play, “Cranberry Corners,” is being practiced three evenings a week at Sunshine Hall. All are anxious for the time to come when it will be before the public. Some say it is as good as “Red Acre Farm.”

A number from here attended the dance in Redmen’s Hall, at Barryville, on Saturday night.

Mr. Frank LaBarr was called to see his mother last Friday, as she was very ill. She is about the same.

The many friends of Mr. Ed Sergeant are glad he is feeling so much better. He has been ill for over two weeks.

The social last Thursday evening at Sunshine Hall was a success in spite of the rain. The young people turned out and the good things fast disappeared. The money swelled until a little sum of $35 was realized.

Rev. and Mrs. Fletcher and children came up to the social Thursday evening.

Jack has opened his billiard room.

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