Halfway Brook Site 10 Years Ago

Pond behind the old mill in Aida Austin’s Collection.
The Old Gristmill my mother walked by to go to the Barryville Schoolhouse around 1935.
The Barryville Schoolhouse my mom attended.
View of “downtown” Eldred sometime after 1900.

Ten Years ago this Halfway Brook Site was two months old. The post of the day was “Grandmother and the Bear.”

October 14, 2009 I wrote that The Mill on Halfway Brook was in its final, final edit. But it would be February 2010 before the first of the Halfway Brook books would be published.

The Mill on Halfway Brook included mainly stories and photos that had been saved within (or new provided by) the Austin and Leavenworth families (as well as research).

After The Mill on Halfway Brook was published, I began to get contributions of stories and photos from many people related in someway to Halfway Brook Village (Eldred), and the villages of what became the Town of Highland, Sullivan County, New York. What grand memories and friendships.

The Postcards on the left are from the collection of my great-aunt Aida Austin. They can be enlarged by clicking on the photo.

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