Eldred, Back in Time

Looking south from Eldred’s four corners.
Looking south from Eldred’s four corners.

Hello Halfway Brook Friends,

I hope this post finds everyone doing well.

It’s been busy times here in Cave Creek. October and November were intense times of editing Gary’s book, Deans Garage, The Future is Back, which was finally published in January.

November and December were exciting months with visits from two different families and a total of six grandchildren (the oldest is five). Then an encounter with a milder, though still miserable flu in January.

I continue to work on my next book, Abby, Laurilla, and Mary Ann; The Heritage and Legacy of the Daughters of Two Hannah Hickoks, 1635–1906.

As I have time, I plan to put up some of my favorite images from my Halfway Brook books. Today’s color postcard from Great Aunt Aida Austin’s collection is Eldred, perhaps in the 1920s or 30s.

Arthur Wilson’s General Merchandise is the first building on the right. Next is Wait and Boyd’s Garage. Parker’s Hotel is second on the left.

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2 Responses to Eldred, Back in Time

  1. Mary Austin says:

    Your picture brings back many memories of Eldred. For four years of high school and for two years after Art Austin and I were married, we enjoyed living in Eldred.

    Many years later after my husband Art had passed away, I visited Eldred with his niece Joan and her husband Walter, and my daughter Mary.

    At that time Boyd’s Garage was torn down and they built an outdoors Pizza Parlor. It was great and we enjoyed it very much.

    I forgot to mention that my Dad, Reverend Irwin Briggs was the Methodist Minister there in Eldred. So from grade school through high school we went to church at the Eldred Methodist Church. That’s where my husband‘s parents, Jenny and Mort Austin went to church.

    From Louise: Thanks Mom! Mom will be 95 in July!

  2. James A Smith says:

    I love this little town of Eldred. I spent my summers there every year from 5 years old to my teenage years—mostly at Stickel’s Orchard Terrace. All of it has changed of course, but I will never forget my years there. My mom spent her years as a child at Austin’s going up the hill towards Glen Spey – our family has been there for over 150 years.

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