2 Responses to Eldred, New York

  1. David W Lochner says:

    I was very young, the youngest of the 4 boys, 5 years old, but have fond memories of swimming in Montgomery lake and bailing out Lou’s rental boats after a rain and riding an old log raft and swimming under a big submerged log holding my breath, also breaking my wrist while playing with brother George at the lake, and sawing firewood with a belt around the rear wheel of an old car that became a doodlebug.

    I remember many things like the A&P market with a wooden floor, Floyd’s garage, the Hawks Nest road to Port Jervis and many things about the area and towns.

  2. Roy Lochner says:

    We lived 2 miles west of the village in 1942; my father ran an auto repair shop in town.

    He bought Mrs. Stids(?) old house before the electric lines came through and upgraded it. It became a summer tourist home for city folks, who valued the big porch and country setting.

    We 4 kids spent our summers in Montgomery Lake, which at the time had no homes on it.

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