Abby, Laurilla, and Mary Ann

Cover of Abby, Laurilla, and Mary Ann, created by Gary Smith. (Click twice to enlarge the cover.)
Cover of Abby, Laurilla, and Mary Ann, created by Gary Smith. (Click to enlarge the cover.)

I have ordered a second hard copy proof of Abby, Laurilla, and Mary Ann, and am hopeful that I can make it available at that time. (The time it takes to ship have increased, so it may be at least two weeks away. The interior is in the best color printing available, and of course the costs have risen, so the book will be more costly than I hoped.)

Table of Contents Abby, Laurilla, and Mary Ann
(There are also 150 sidebars listed in the book, Abby, Laurilla, and Mary Ann.)
Northeast United States Map
1848 Connecticut Map
1868 Southbury, Connecticut Map
1855 Glastenbury, Connecticut Map
1854 Towns of Lumberland and Highland, New York Map
Selected Descendants of William and Elizabeth Hitchcock
1600–1930 Timeline

Chapter 1: The First Four Hickok Ancestors
William, Joseph, Benjamin, Justus, 1635–1770

Chapter 2: Shillings, Scholars, Linen, and Pecks
David Hickok’s Journals, 1769–1775

Chapter 3: Ticonderoga and Crown Point
The Hickoks and the Revolutionary War, 1775–1783

Chapter 4: Books, Conversations, and Chocolate
Hannah’s Journal, 1784–1786

Chapter 5: Farewell to South Britain
The Hickok First Cousins, 1790–1800

Chapter 6: Reading, Writing, and Responsibilities
Five Smith Daughters, 1800-1816

Chapter 7: Rugged Wilderness Living
Hannah Hickok in Lumberland, 1812–1818

Chapter 8: Caring, Visiting, and Teaching
The Smiths, 1817–1824

Chapter 9: Hannah Marries James
Lumberland, New York, 1825–1827

Chapter 10: The Heinous Sin
The Smiths and the Abolitionists, 1830s

Chapter 11: Canals and Freshets
The Eldreds and Austins of Lumberland, 1830–1850

Chapter 12: Intelligent, Industrious, and Caring
Hannah Smith and Her Daughters, 1840s

Chapter 13: Highland and Glastenbury
The Austins and the Smiths, 1850–1854

Chapter 14: The Excursion
Abby and Laurilla Meet Mary Ann, 1854

Chapter 15: Affectionate Friend and Cousin
Abby’s Letters to Mary Ann, 1854–1869

Chapter 16: Taxed Twice
Glastenbury, Fall 1869

Chapter 17: Flowers of the Field
Abby, Julia, and Mary Ann, 1870–1871

Chapter 18: Taxation without Representation
Abby and Julia Smith, 1872–1878

Chapter 19: College and Financial Difficulties
Emma and the Austins, 1872–1878

Chapter 20: Faithful Friend
Abby Hadassah Smith, 1797–1878

Chapter 21: Cease Your Weeping, Mother Dear
Edith Emogene Austin, 1879

Chapter 22: No Night There
Julia Evelina Smith, 1792–1886

Chapter 23: Old Home on the Hill
Mary Ann Eldred Austin, 1880–1906

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  1. Melva Barney says:

    The cover is so inviting! I can’t wait to get inside, I love the cow on the back cover.

    Louise: Thank you so much Melva. That is an Alderney Cow, like Julia Smith’s pet Alderney cows!

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