World War I soldiers in Highland

Photo courtesy of my cousin Cynthia.

I had two uncles who were in World War I. They both wrote letters home and the letters were saved and are a part of Book 2 which I am currently writing.
This is the list of names on the plaque in Highland.

Raymond Austin [my uncle]
Claude Angell
William Ashauer
Raymond Beufve
Herman Bosch
Edward Bosch
Ralph Bosch
George Beck
Ernest W. Beck star
Ferman Beck
Joseph Cox
Edwin L. Crail
William W. Conrad
Clarence Clouse
George Dunlap star
Davis Raymond
George E. Eldred
Joseph Claab
John Horton
Ernest Horton
Abram Hulse
Raymond J. Keller
Martin E. Kendrigen
Jay Lass
Ralph Livingston
Emmet Livingston
Emerson McBride
Ezra Mc Bride
John Metzger star
Fred Metzger
Wesley Morgan
Fred Morgan
Edgar Mitchell
John McQuirk
Harvey Myers
Earl Owen star
Fridolin Straub
Edward Schumacher
Walter Toaspern
Mathew Volmer
Clarence Wormuth
Will Raoul
Carl Wolff
Everett Wells

Highlands Martyrs
M. McKinley Austin [My uncle, my dad’s oldest brother.]
Frank E. Clouse
Henry J. Loerch
C. Dewey Liebla
Edwin T. Wolfe

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  1. Linda LoMonaco says:

    Can you tell me exactly where this plaque is located? John and Frederick Metzger were in my family.

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