2. The Math Tutor

Chester Beers explains a math problem.
Chester Beers explains a math problem.
When school was done in March 1879, Chester, now age twenty-seven, returned to Walton, New York and continued to farm.

Emma Asks a Math Question
Emma Austin, now eighteen, wrote Chester. She asked for help with a math problem. The answer came at the end of April.

Walton, April 28, 1869
Friend Emma,
Yours came to home last night. I now proceed to solve the problems for you.

10th example, page 247. As we glance at the rule under Art. 210 we find 2 ways to do the example.

From the 2nd clause of the rule we get the following statement:

Page 2 of math problem explanation.
Page 2 of math problem explanation.

There is 1 or 2 other ways to do this ex., but hoping that this will suffice, I leave them now.

I think you can understand the above without any further illustration.

It will ever give me pleasure to help you in your examples when necessary.

Yours etc., Chester Beers

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