March 1931

1934: Julius Maier on left; his sister Annie in the center. Photo courtesy of the Bosch Family.

March 1931
Sunday Jim Leavenworth started the month off at his friend Ken Crandall’s house. (Ken Crandall Sr. was a carpenter at the Scout Camp.)

Grant and Charlie Sergeant, and Herman Bosch were at the Leavenworth home in the evening.

Herman’s uncle Julius Maier and his sister aunt Annie lived nearby on Crawford Road.

[Does anyone recognize other people in the photo? Click the image to make it larger.]

The Wolff brothers visited on Monday evening. Friday Anna was down to the MacIntyres. Garfield bought a ton of hay from Averys for $15 and also fixed the brooder coop.

Frank Wolff was over the third week of March for advice on buying a house.

Ella finished Mary Sergeant and Bertha Wilson’s dresses on Tuesday, March 24. Charlotte, Garfield’s sister, was there for supper later that day. She visited them again the next day as did Minnie and Archie Myers.

The end of the month, Charlie Dunlap stopped by for a visit.

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