Eldred 1908

Eldred’s north corner about 1908. Postcard: Kevin M.

Buildings on Eldred’s North Corner 1908
The building on the left was built by Charles Wilson around 1900. The Charles Wilson home is second on the left.

The center building was the store of William H. Wilson, brother of Charles. On the right was the original Parker House that Autenrieth’s owned until Fridolin and Juliana Straub bought it in 1907.

Eldred’s North Corner 1903s
In the 1930s the Charles Wilson building would include the A&P owned by Art Wilson; a butcher shop in the center; and a Post Office (which changed locations).

Pat’s Stand would extend out onto the street from his father William H. Wilson’s Store.

The Wilsons
Charles Wilson was first married to Christina Mills (1886). Their children were Julia and Arthur.

Christina died in 1895. Three years later Charles married Elizabeth Hoatson Clark, a widow and mother of Georgia, 8.

In 1900 the Charles Wilson household included Charles’ father Edward, 80 (a weaver of carpets); Charles (a lumberman); Elizabeth and her daughter Georgia Clark; Arthur Wilson 10, Julia Wilson, 7.

Charles’ family in 1910: Charles, a farmer & Postmaster; Elizabeth, assistant Postmaster; Arthur Wilson, 20; Julia 17; Georgia Clark, 20.

William H. Wilson married Bertha Boyd in 1898. Their son Forrest or Pat, became a lawyer.

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  1. James A Smith says:

    The building on the extreme left is the bar and restaurant that became Huber’s during the late 40’s and early 50’s.

    The house just to the right on top of the hill (somewhat behind Huber’s) was (aunt/uncle) Fritz and Ella Stickel’s boarding house called “Orchard Terrace”. Spent may summers there working in dining room, working on the small farm with chickens, goats and pig(s) and of course fishing in pond and Halfway Brook.

    Loved that place and the people. Eldred will always be in my heart as it is today. I’m 80 years old. I met my wife in Eldred when she was 9 years old! Jim Smith

    Note: Jim! Thank you so much for your comment! Louise

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