Slocum, Logan, & Riley, July 1917

McKinley Austin arrived safely at Ft. Slocum.
July 7, 1917, postcard from McKinley Austin. I have arrived safely. M. McKinley Austin.

McKinley at his aunt Aida Austin's house.
McKinley at his aunt Aida Austin’s house.
McKinley Austin to His Family
July 7, 1917: I have arrived safely. I have been accepted and am at Ft. Slocum. Your son, McKinley

Irwin Briggs, Ft. Logan
On July 7, 1917, Irwin Briggs enlisted in the army at Ft. Logan, Colorado. In 1935 Irwin and his family will live in Barryville. He will be the Methodist pastor for Eldred, Barryville, and Pond Eddy. Pvt. Briggs was sent to Ft. Riley, Kansas, for training. He asked to be placed in the Medical Corps and was with the 89th Infantry.

Both McKinley and Irwin would be stationed in France.

Irwin Briggs, future Methodist minister, was a medic in WWI.
Irwin Briggs, future Methodist minister was sent to Ft. Riley, Kansas, for training.
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