Revisiting 1942 Flood in Barryville

Barryville Afloat. Photo: H.I. Briggs.
Flooding of the Delaware River from the Methodist Parsonage. Photo: H.I. Briggs.
A favorite photo of mine taken by my grandpa Briggs: “We were all down on the bridge.”

I thought my Halfway Brook readers might enjoy the larger images even though a few of these photos have been posted before:

May 1942 Flooding

Barryville Afloat.

I have rescanned them larger and/or with some tone.

Click on photos twice for largest size.

Barryville-Shohola Bridge in the distance. Photo: H.I. Briggs.
Looking towards Barryville from Shohola. Photo H.I. Briggs.
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One Response to Revisiting 1942 Flood in Barryville

  1. Roy Lochner says:

    Barryville was the only movie theatre when I was 14, living near Eldred.

    I remember walking the 7 or 8 miles that night after meeting ‘my honey’ at the show and missing a ride home by the few cars passing.

    There were no lights of course and I had to pass that house known as “witches place” by running past, fast.

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