December 23, 1863

Anne Mary Austin Schoonover. Photo courtesy of Kathy T.

Ann Mary Austin Schoonover writes to her sister Laura Austin Clark.

Barryville, December 23, 1863
Dear Sister Laura,
I received yours of the 22 and now I am on my bed with the stand by it, with a pillow for me to rest on while I write.

Four weeks yesterday, I was taken sick with the bilious fever, very sick. The day before I was very smart, so Perry went down the River and was gone a week. I was down all the time, but nights I kept getting worse. On Saturday, they thought I would not live for a while.

I don’t think I ever was so sick before, but through the mercy of God, I am getting better. Oh how thankful we ought to be for such a Friend when we feel all other Sources failing us, that we take a Saviour to look to, knowing he never will leave nor forsake us, but will be our guide even unto death.

I feel to exclaim with the Psalmist, Bless the Lord oh my Soul, and all that’s within me Bless his holy name for all mercys to me.

I will not be able to come either Christmas or New Years. We intend to come when I get able.

I would like some of your pot cheese, first rate. I’ve been wanting it since I began to eat. I do not have much appetite. I have a very good girl. We pay her ten shillings a week. I expect I shall have to keep her sometime yet.

I would like to have you come and see me if you can without hindering Irv’s work. We can write to each other. Kiss tiger for me.

Martha Clark has got a babe a week old. I must close for I am very tired. I remain yours, A.M. Schoonover

Gravestone for Ann Mary Austin Schoonover.
Gravestone for Ann Mary Austin Schoonover.

Ann Mary Austin Schoonover, wife of O.P. Schoonover, and daughter of Ralph and Fanny Austin, died August 31, 1864, at the age of 37. Ann Mary Austin Schoonover was buried in the old Eldred Cemetery.

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