The Village & the A&P, April 1941

Eldred A&P in 1940. Photo courtesy of CSM.
Eldred A&P in 1940. Photo courtesy of CSM.

April 1941
Tuesday morning, April 1, Aida went to the Village.

Wednesday afternoon Aida went over to Mae’s, who had gone to Port Jervis. Mae’s brother Will Hammond was sick.

Thursday morning Lon went to Mae’s to see Will Hammond who was feeling better. In the afternoon Lon went to Monticello with his nephew Will Austin.

Friday Aida did her washing. Saturday she ironed. Lon went to the Village.

Sunday, April 6, was rainy and snowy, but clear in the afternoon.

Tuesday morning Aida rode up to the A&P with the Bragues. In the afternoon she went over to Mae’s. Herman and Robbie Bosch trimmed trees for her in the evening.

Wednesday morning Lon went to the Village. He and Aida picked up apple tree wood in the afternoon.

Thursday afternoon Aida went to the Village and then to see Anna Ort. Mary Sergeant was there. Aida was home when Nellie Crandall dropped by.

Sunday Arthur drove Lon home from church and visited with his aunt Aida who had a terrible cold.

Monday morning Lon walked to the Village. Rowlee was up to Aida’s for some watercress. Tuesday afternoon Lon went to the Village for bread and butter.

Wednesday morning, Aida walked to the A&P. Her cold was much better, but she felt quite weak.

Thursday afternoon Mr. Briggs drove Lon to a Methodist supper in Port Jervis. Mrs. Briggs went with him for a ride and got some watercress.

Monday Jim Leavenworth (from west Eldred) was fighting fires. There were terrible fires in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Tuesday morning Aida went to the A&P and Post Office.

Wednesday Lon sawed a little short wood in the afternoon. Aida went up to Mary’s to tell them their cows had come down. Aida rode back with Mary, Margie, and a friend of hers.

Thursday was very cold all day. In the morning Lon went to the Village. He rode part way there and back with Mary Bosch.

Saturday was still cold in Eldred. Mr. Briggs stopped in to see Lon in the afternoon.

Wednesday morning Aida walked to the A&P. It was colder than Tuesday when she had gone to Mae’s.

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