10. February 28, 1870, What Is the News and Where Is Your Picture?

Walton, New York, February 28, 1870

Sideview of Austin house in the winter.
Sideview of Austin house in the winter.
Schoolhouse in Eldred, sometime after 1920.
Schoolhouse in Eldred, sometime after 1920.
Eldred in the snow, after 1920.
Eldred in the snow, after 1920.
Friend Emma,
Your last came all right which I read with as much pleasure as could have been expected under the circumstances…

My school closed the 25th of February and now I feel very much relieved, though I have had a very pleasant school this winter. It has been rather small compared with that of last winter as I have had only about one fourth the number of scholars, yet they came much more regular.

It looks very much like sleighing at present, a rare thing this winter. But the winter with its joys has nearly gone and the spring finds me as busily engaged in farming as ever.

About the first thing I shall have to do will be to prepare for sugaring, as that necessarily comes along in the order of my business before long, yet it is not very pleasant work taking it all into consideration.

I have been thinking whether I could find a convenient time to come to Lumberland or not before long.

I suppose you have had everything your own way at school this winter have you not? How large a school do you have?

Has your school closed yet? If not how much longer does it continue. Have you engaged a school for the summer yet or are you going to school?

Do you know what wages the teacher in the village gets this winter? Where does he board, etc.?

How does Aunt Effie get along? [And her children:] Beck and Adda, Jim, and Jane? Where are the Crawford girls & Seely [Crawford]?

Give me all the news and don’t you wait as long to write as I have. I have been rather busy for a few weeks past which accounts for my neglect in writing.

I expected your picture before, but it did not come. Please send it when you write again.

Yours truly, Chester Beers.

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