11. Who Teaches in the Village? Forgotten Picture, April Letters, 1870

Halfway Brook Village 1920 or after.
Halfway Brook Village 1920 or after.
Walton, New York, Apr. 21, 1870
Friend Emma,
Your last came in due time which I read with pleasure.

Yet with all the pleasure I felt very much grieved to think that you forgot the likeness; but not so much so as I would have been had I not been sure you would send it the next time. I want one of those pictures with the most open hair curled, etc. I don’t care if it is done up in papers.

But when you get so that you can shut your mouth perfectly then I am coming out to see you and stay longer than I did the last time I was there, too. I think I could enjoy a visit with you as well as with any other nymph of Lumberland—with few exceptions too numerous to mention…

Write soon. Yours, Chester Beers.
P.S. If you chance to get this April 20th let me know about it.

Gathering and Processing Maple Syrup, 1900. LOC: 2012647942.
Gathering and Processing Maple Syrup, 1900. LOC: 2012647942.

Walton, New York, April 24, 1870
Friend Emma,
Your last came in due time which took me from five to ten minutes to read…I see you have commenced teaching which I think you will not find to be an easy task either…

Sugaring is past and I am at work on a farm as usual…Where is Hina going to teach this summer? Also who teaches in the Village? Don’t know when I shall be in Lumberland but probably some time when you think not.

I can send a recommend if desired—but I can not see how it can be necessary and at the most will be of little account…You had better go before the Commissioner and let him question you a little—that is all the recommendation you need. Don’t be so timid.

As to that picture I think you had better send it. If it looks like you, I want it. When you (your Father must know) get some better ones taken, then I will exchange with you. Ill looking persons can’t expect good pictures.

Yours truly, Write soon. Chester Beers

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