Remembering Town of Highland’s WWI Soldiers

Town of Highland WWI Veteran’s Plaque courtesy of the Bosch Family.
Mortimer McKinley Austin cross in France where he died.
Mortimer McKinley Austin cross in France where he died.

My Uncle McKinley Austin, the oldest son of Mort and Jennie Leavenworth Austin, died in France in October 1918. His body was brought back to the US at a later time.

McKinley in France
Ruth Colville, Barryville, writes McKinley
McKinley’s letter to his mother, September 1918
Battle of Romagne-Sous-Montfacon
Madeleine Farm, France 1918/1923
St. Miehl, France, 1918
McKinley Austin 1890 to 1918
Jennie Austin, Gold star mother
1923 Romagne-sous-Montfacon

You can read about the Town of Highland’s Civil War, WWI, and WWII soldiers in my Halfway Brook books.

1919 Newspaper Article on US WWI casualties
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