23. The Old Schoolhouse, May 1876

Front of Austin House 1900s.
Front of Austin House 1900s.
A later Eldred Schoolhouse.
A later Eldred Schoolhouse.
Aida to Emma, May 3, 1876
On May 3, 1876 Aida Austin, in Eldred, wrote her sister Emma, who was in New York City, caring for Cousin Addie’s five-month-old son.

Dear Sister Emma,
I have been busy and could not answer your letter before school commenced the first of May.

I like the teacher real well. She is quite strict and I think she will have a good school after she gets started. She boards to Wilson’s.

…The old school house looks a little better than it did last summer. The wall has been whitewashed and the blackboards has been fixed up. Charlie Wilson painted them…

Father is going to put a picket fence up the lane and in front of the house. It is splendid here now.

Write Soon, Aida Austin

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