24. Centennial 1876

Opening Ceremony to the 1876 Centennial.
Opening Ceremony to the 1876 Centennial.
Map of the International Exhibition, Philadelphia, 1876.
Map of the International Exhibition, Philadelphia, 1876.
Agricultural Hall, 1876 Centennial.
Agricultural Hall, 1876 Centennial.
Art Gallery, 1876 Centennial.
Art Gallery, 1876 Centennial.
In In Emma’s May 1876 letter to her brother Lon, she included her visit to the 1876 Centennial, in Philadelphia, along with discussion of their family’s financial and other problems.

May 1876
Dear Brother Lonnie,
…At the opening exercises of the Centennial, the line of people was half a mile in length and a portion of the exercises could not be heard more than 20 feet from the stage. There must have been great satisfaction in it to those at the end of the line…

How I wished for you at the Centennial. It is wonderful. Lon just to see the buildings alone, that have been erected on the grounds in so short a time and one would think twenty years a little time to have made the immense collections of curiosities exhibited there.

If I could only have spent a week instead of a day, I should have been better satisfied and then I could not have seen the half of what there was to be seen…Yours ever affectionately,

(Chester had said he didn’t think he would go to the Centennial.)

Note: It was fun to discover so many images of the 1876 Centennial at the Library of Congress site.

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  1. Eric Kullberg says:

    The Austin House picture shows “chicken wire” up near the eves. I wonder what it was blocking. Interesting.

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